Touch Screen Device: Changing The Standard Of Electronic Industry 

Touch Screen Device: Changing The Standard Of Electronic Industry 

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Touch Screen Device: Changing The Standard Of Electronic Industry 

People never thought of having a device that could be operated with just a slide of their finger and have so many functions in it. With the introduction of touch screen mobile phones cryptocurrency wallet development, people were startled as the device could perform the task of a camera, computer, calculator and notebook all at once in a small piece of gadget.

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Evolution of telephones

With the evolution of humans came an evolution in technology. Earlier, people used to have telephones with a receiver handle and numbers on them for dialling. It was considered a royal thing to have a telephone at home, people who did not have it used to go on a PCO to make calls. Later with innovation, engineers and scientists came up with a portable device called a mobile phone with a keypad, an antenna to catch signal, a mic, a speaker and a little screen to see incoming calls and read messages. These mobile phones were operated with a small sim card with a unique phone number. These mobile phones were expensive. Later came a revolution in the mobile industry with touch screen mobile phones where people could play games, click pictures and watch movies on a portable device. This was a game-changer in the industry, and many companies began their research on how to make it better and user friendly. People started buying it for every family member as it became a necessity. People could check their emails on a mobile phone, calculate numbers, surf the internet and watch movies online without any hesitation. 

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Importance of touch screen device

There are many tasks which a mobile phone can do and is beneficial to the consumer or user. A touch screen plays a great role in selecting an electronic device. The advantages of a touch screen device are as follows:

  • Speed: A user can do all his tasks at a greater speed. Previously it would take more than a minute to type a hello message to someone, but now with the help of a touch screen, it takes seconds.
  • Mobility: It has become more convenient for the user to carry a touch screen device anywhere globally with all of his necessary documents stored in it. Previously people used to write down data in their diary and carry it around everywhere. But now, they write it on their phone and draw the changes in it using their fingers.
  • Cleanliness: It just takes a damp cloth and a glass protector cream to clean the touch screen device’s surface. It makes it smooth and as fresh as new.
  • Utility: Since it is a touch screen, it becomes easy for people to type messages quickly as the finger slides on the screen, and the message is typed. It becomes an easy source of entertainment with touch screen games.
  • Screen size: When the phone is a touchscreen device, the screen size is big and becomes a viable option to watch movies, series and sports on it. The clear screen makes the content more clear and keeps the user entertained.


Since the electronic industry revolution with the introduction of touch screen devices, people have become more attractive to the latest technology. These devices and inventions make the life of a user easier and fast. 

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